Saturday, May 14, 2005

Great Moldy Gourds!

Spring is in the air, and Kim has been out here "working" on these odd dried plant things she calls gourds.

Most of them are pretty BORING, but when she cut one open, there was this most delicious aroma, freash mold! She didn't like it so she soaked the gourd in water. Which then made the gourd the same texture and flavor as a moldy rawhide chewie. Or at least, it smelled the same. So of course, I chewed it. It was a sorry excuse for a chewie!

Now I have to let you in on my secret receipe for moldy rawhide chews. First, you find a place to hide or bury your rawhide chew where it gets plent of water from freash rain or the hose. You may have to train your people to not dig them up for you. They may think you forgot about them, but really, it does take a long time for the moldy flavor to reach fullness. I have found if I half bury a piece of one, they find it easily & leave the rest of my horde alone. Once the rawhide is limp, soggy and totally moldy it is perfect.

Now, as soon as you figure out how to get people to play with this perfect rawhide, please let me know. Mine say it's gross and refuse to touch it.

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