Sunday, March 27, 2005

Sick People

Whoa! I have had a rough few weeks. My people have been sick with the flu & all needed extra Suzy care. Some of them even came home smelling like a Doctors Office.

Luckily for me, I didn't catch their flu. I'm a busy dog, I don't have time to get sick, besides, the last time I was really sick Kim kept putting this awfull stuff called "cougfh medicine" under my tongue. ICK! Makes a dog wish she could spit.

Well, as you can see, Kim's been getting out of helping me update my blog. I had to remind her that hey! Trixi, Dean Koonz's dog has a book out! The least she can do is write a few things down for me!

Today is Easter & I had to keep chasing kids away from my yard becuase they thought they'd find "eggs" in it. Trust me, if there were eggs in here, I would know. I might even share them, but there are none, so please, go mess up your own yard! GO on, if you don't go I'm telling, all right, you were warned, grrr raff ruff ruff RUFF!!!!


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