Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A hero story, How I saved the wounded pigeon

Hi everyone, Suzy here. I thought I'd offer some proof on how wonderful I am. I have several "hero dog" stories, but this is my most recent one. A month ago I was out in the rain (had been couped up all day) and I was inspecting the fence perimeter when I came across a trespasser! I immeadiately sounded the alert letting everyone in the house know that there was an unidentified animal in MY yard that I needed assistance with.

You never know with unidentified animals, they are usually wild, could be dangerous, or they may need help.

Well, since I was standing two inches from it barking my head off I was able to convey that this creature didn't seem dangerous. Kim finally came out with a flashlight so I could get a better look at it. She told me it was just a pigeon. I ask you, what is a pigeon doing in my yard at 11:30pm in the dark and in the rain? She told me it was a nice birdie and said maybe it was hurt. That could explain why it was in my yard at that hour. So, I stopped barking at it and used my superior smelling abliites to determine that, yes in fact this pigeon was bleeding. I kept pointing to the injury, but that fool Kim thought I was smelling the birds breath! As if!

Then she told me not to bark at it because I was "tramatizing it" and made me go site by Pat while she went inside to get a rescue kit (looked like my bath towel to me) and she then transported my (finders keepers) bird to the other side of my fence where I could watch over it but not "bother it". The next day we checked on it and I had told what good girl I am for keeping the stupid cats away from it. They would eat it injury and all. She found it's owie and gave it water and food. It hung around a couple more days before flying off. That's gratitude for you.

Well, I've gotta go, got a yard guard and people to bark at ya know!

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